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About Us
Recognized for its hands-on approach and ‘personal touch’ Kaplan Residential remains true to its heritage. Evolved from a family owned and operated business, Kaplan Residential focuses on developing, building and managing the most innovative and timely multi-housing and student housing solutions throughout the Southeast. Led by Morris Kaplan, who brings more than 40 years of applied development and construction expertise, the Company approaches each design with the diligence and attention to detail that turns projects into communities and housing into homes. 

Because of its reputation as a quality development company Kaplan Residential is well respected in the financial arena bringing the long-term financial relationships necessary to raise capital quickly in today’s complex and dynamic capital markets.

Kaplan Residential’s commitment to a process driven approach coupled with the management team’s vast experience uniquely qualifies them to successfully achieve a diversity of development projects. The team’s scope of work includes: Kaplan Residential’s targeted Southeastern markets include: Kaplan Residential is open to considering opportunities in additional markets.

Ultimately Kaplan Residential’s success lies in its exemplary ability to secure and interpret market knowledge, partner with the most skilled and nationally recognized professionals , employ proven processes that provide consistent and continued onsite expertise during construction.

Simply stated, Kaplan Residential cares. In keeping with the values of its founders Kaplan Residential measures success by exceeding expectations – the expectations of its financial partners; the community it is impacting; and most importantly, for the Residents of Kaplan’s communities.

Throughout its 40 year history Kaplan Companies has become one of the most respected development companies for acquiring, designing and constructing well-planned communities. Kaplan Companies’ impressive track record includes more than $1.5 billion in development including more than 25,000 residential homes, over 2-million feet of commercial space, and six master-planned and mixed-use communities in New Jersey — each including some 1,500 homes and on average 150,000 square feet of retail shopping center space.