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About Us
The principals of Kaplan Residential draw their expertise and knowledge from a rich 60 year history of a family run development and construction business. In 1952 Morris Kaplan’s father, Nathan, built his first home with one dream in mind – to create masterfully-planned communities with lasting value. In 1975 Morris Kaplan joined Kaplan Companies and during his tenure the Company grew significantly in the Northeast, credited with a multitude of keystone projects throughout New York and New Jersey,

Throughout its 40 year history Kaplan Companies has become one of the most respected development companies for acquiring, designing and constructing well-planned communities. Kaplan Companies’ impressive track record includes more than $1.5 billion in development including more than 25,000 residential homes, over 2-million feet of commercial space, and six master-planned and mixed-use communities in New Jersey -- each including some 1,500 homes and on average 150,000 square feet of retail shopping center space.

In 1987 Kaplan expanded to Atlanta as part of a strategic plan to identify and focus on core urban markets with the need for urban infill mixed-use communities. This move subsequently led to the formation of Kaplan Residential.