A wealth of experience is
its own reward

The financial performance of Kaplan Residential is decades strong and undeniably consistent.

Based on those success measures alone, we’ve formed extensive debt and equity relationships to fuel our growth – and a list of projects that has climbed to more than $3 billion in development.

At the same time, our welcome mat is always out for additional investing partners. They’re glad to come in. You would be, too.  Read on.


Solid fundamentals yield better returns

When you work with us, you have the active, hands-on involvement of all our key personnel – from land contract to design, permitting, construction and asset management – to the final sale of the project. Most companies have layers of personnel assigned to these functions. We dedicate our first team to your success.

Our leadership team has cut its teeth on complex projects across a wide variety of product types.  We know what good looks like. The result is unparalleled experience.  Not only measured in the number of years – but also with unique projects in multiple markets.

Another thing. Because we’re well capitalized, we operate from a position of financial strength. We’re not pinned into the position of having to do a deal. We can be selective.

Finally, we operate from a corporate culture that combines grit, a service mentality to make communities better, and a competitive streak that’s deep and long. We’re committed to having fun. At the same time, we’re transparent, honest and good at what we do.  People trust us.  

All of this delivers strong financial returns.



We respect partners’ faith in our projects and protect their investments with all our might. As well as our expertise, experience and profound market knowledge. Your investment is in good hands with Kaplan. We also know that each partnership must make money each and every time.  That is what keeps people motivated to work with us time and again – to the point of requesting another deal before the first is even completed.


We stand on a generational foundation of true moral character, unwavering tenacity and a heartfelt responsibility to provide value for our project partners, residents and host communities. At Kaplan Residential, our goals are always aligned with our partners’ goals. So the underpinning of the partnership is always rock solid.


Past performance is the truest indicator of future outcomes. You can trust what history says about our firm and people. We are dependable and accountable. That our projects consistently finish on time and within budget. That partnering with us always yields quality results.

Premier investors. Exceptional projects

Our track record is as impressive as our investor partnerships. Or is it the other way around?
Join the leading banks, brokers and equity firms who applaud the value of thriving with Kaplan.