Marcela Dib

Director of Operations & Executive Assistant to President

Marcela joined the Kaplan Residential team in 2014. She started as Morris Kaplan’s Executive Assistant and in 2018 she officially became the team’s Director of Operations.

From the moment she joined the Kaplan Residential team, she has been actively involved in different aspects and processes of real estate development. She has participated in a wide variety of the company’s projects, including diligence, design, budgeting, closing, overseeing deliverables, and managing account payables. She also supports the site selection process and is in charge of qualifying projects for the Florida office. She has a very positive attitude and is eager to keep growing, learning, and helping her team as needed. Marcela is also the one supporting the team with reports, keeping everything organized and handling day to day operations.

Her first collaboration on a multifamily project was on Square One in Sandy Springs. Shortly after, she supported the team on the supervision of financial reports for Overton Row in Charlotte. From then on, she became actively involved in all the company’s projects.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Florida International University and is currently in the process of getting her Master of Science in Real Estate Development from Nova Southeastern University. She is bilingual and has previous experience in the accounting field.

Marcela is married to Daniel and they both enjoy spending time with their Boston Terrier, Molly. They have plans to expand their family in the near future. On her free time, Marcela enjoys spending a day at the beach with friends, reading, watching movies and eating out. She also likes to work out and dance.